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360 Degrees Rotatable Sand Painting

360 Degrees Rotatable Sand Painting

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Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the 360 Degrees Rotatable Sand Painting. Carefully crafted with crystal-clear glass and a unique inner plastic frame that boasts a strong concave and convex feel, this sand painting will provide an eye-catching decor to any living or working space. As it moves through its cycle, this mesmerizing art piece will produce a completely non-repetitive dynamic painting. Rest your eyes on the smooth movement of sand for hours as it relieves stress, increases patience and boosts your mood. Enhance your home or office décor with this distinctively beautiful piece from our collection: a 7/12-inch deep sea sandscape in motion display produced by swirling sandy colors contained in a round glass frame mounted on an acrylic base. Add amazing visual elements to any room while enjoying the health benefits that this beautiful work of art provides - purchase your 360 Degrees Rotatable Sand Painting today!



Material: Glass, Acrylic, Quicksand

Package Included:
1 x Quicksand Painting

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