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CUBEHEXA™ Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

CUBEHEXA™ Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

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Introducing the CUBEHEXA™ Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover. Now, you can say goodbye to pesky fabric pilling that has been ruining your favorite sweaters. With this innovative product, you don’t have to worry about your clothes going out of style while they maintain their classic look. The 5-blade whirlwind floating cutter head is designed with precision and perfection to help you improve the cutting effect and produce highly durable fabric. The 0.35mm thick micro-arc steel mesh ensures that while the fabrics remain tightly held together, there’s no reason for them to become deformed when shaving the lint off them. This compact and simple product is perfect for easy use and for getting rid of fluff in no time. Get yours today and bring life back into your garments with CUBEHEXA™ Fabric Shaver!



Product Size: 145*62*65mm
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Material: ABS
Charging Time: 1-2 Hours
Endurance: 90 minutes

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