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Kitchen Sink Cleaning Sticks

Kitchen Sink Cleaning Sticks

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Keep your kitchen sink and drain pipes sparkling clean and fresh with Kitchen Sink Cleaning Sticks. Our powerful enzyme-based cleaning sticks are designed for highly effective removal of sediment, grease, and odors from all types of sinks, toilets, bathtubs, hand washing boxes, and floor drains. Made using 100% non-toxic ingredients, these cleaning sticks will make sure you have a clean and safe space in your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, each stick lasts up to a month, so you can keep on top of all your deep cleaning needs without putting any effort into it! With Kitchen Sink Cleaning Sticks you can leave the hassle out of keeping your drainage pipes looking like new.



Size: 10cm*0.5cm
Color: Random Color/Blue
Quantity: 12 Pieces/Box

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